Professional Team

Young, dynamic and professional team who devoted their years to the sea and boats and improved themselves technically, as well.

Adopting the customer satisfaction and happiness as the main goal, MUSTY TEAM, provides boat transfer being in the first place, boat and maritime trainings, captain and mariner training, boat management (survey, maintenance-repair), measurement and agency needs for IRC certificate with fast, transparent and best-quality understanding in accordance with your needs.

Thousands of Nautical Miles

We spend time at the sea and on the boats throughout the year and continously spend miles in different boats.


    • Boat transfer,

    • Captain and sailor for hire,

    • Sailing and nautical trainings,

    • IRC certificate,

    • Management (boat survey, maintenance-repair and supply),

    • Agency Services

We regard the quality of the sector and customer satisfaction as the main factor. Whatever the circumstances; if you want to succeed, we believe that it is necessary to work in a disciplined, ethical and honest manner within the framework of certain programs. We organize the workflow for each boat we work on and we are attentive to keep all our friends loyal to this process. In order to increase our reliability in the yachting industry, we are constantly trying to raise our standards. By understanding your needs and demands correctly, we are here to provide transparent, professional and timely service.