You’ve bought a boat and you are looking for a professional, empathetic seafarer and dynamic team that you will entrust yourself and your boat to, that will teach your boat and how to use your boat, that will teach the sea life and rules, that will have you experience the open sea, that will train you in boat maintenance and technical issues?

Musty Team Floating Worlds; provides the reliable, transparent and best service of transfer for your floating worlds between the desired destinations with our young, dynamic and professional sailor and motorized yacht captains who stepped into the sailing world at the centerboard classes in clubs affiliated to Turkey Sailing Federation and dedicated their years to the sea and boats, developed themselves with technical issues.

One and only reason for our success is “We really do our job with love”. Because we know that only when you love a job, you try to improve yourself in that area and to be more successful.

Maybe we spend time in the sea and on the boat as much as no people and companies do, we are constantly spending miles with different boats. Therefore, we can say that we are the best team in the transfer and training sector. That is why we are so proud of our work.

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